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Average Monthly Site Statistics (based on CY2016 network usage)
Jobs posted: 420
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Pageviews: 220,000
APS Membership: 54,000
Job seeker education levels
 56% PhD or higher
 19% Masters
 15% Four-year degree
 10% Student

Interviewing or Recruiting during the APS March 2017 Job Expo?

Let job seekers know you by posting a Job Expo position. Job Expo positions will have a flag next to them identifying to job seekers that you will be on site at the Job Expo.

APS March 2017 Job Expo postings will be online from the date of posting through the Job Expo March 14th - 16th 2017, and will remain active until March 24th, 2017 

To register for the event and begin posting jobs, please visit

Once your registration is complete, you will be contacted with information to post unlimited jobs on the site as a part of your employers package.

APS Physics Job Center Account Benefits
"We have used the APS Job Center to hire quality candidates at Brookhaven National Laboratory, and we are currently interviewing a candidate whom we located by searching the APS resume database."
Employer Testimonial
Joanna Hall
Brookhaven National Laboratory
"I've been using the APS Job Center to post jobs for 10 years. I have appreciated the ease with which I can post, pay, and have my position immediately available to potential applicants. Many thanks to APS for making my job easier."
Employer Testimonial
Carrie Eder
Univ. of Chicago
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