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FREE Webinar on Women in Science and Engineering
Women have just as much opportunity for career triumph in science and engineering (and other STEM fields) as men, and yet there is evidence that women are not paid as much as men, nor are there as many women in management and leadership roles in many industries. Why is this? We will explore how women can ensure their own success and enable their team members to thrive. Both women and men will find this workshop helpful and motivational in thinking about their own career advancement strategies and those of their colleagues. Join us for this free event, being held on October 13, 2016 at 2PM ET and co-sponsored by APS Physics.

Job Prospects in Physics
Explore our new Job Prospects profiles to discover more about the most common career paths for physicists. Each profile includes job outlook information, starting salaries, recommended additional training, and descriptions of day-to-day activities for the featured career path.

Writing an Effective Resume: An Online Tutorial
Many students are baffled when faced with writing a CV or a resume for a job application. Learn more about the differences between them--and find detailed advice on how to construct a successful one--on our resume tutorial page.

APS Careers Website
Visit the APS Careers Website, your one-stop-shop for careers and professional development resources for physicists. Here you can find APS Careers Webinar archives, statistical information about physics employment and salaries, and our professional development guide--all from one centralized hub.

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